Always evolving: Lanna Rehab

Always evolving: Lanna Rehab

“I’m proud to say – we aren’t sitting still,” says Darren Lockie, CEO, “we’re pushing forward, and looking for new ways to innovate.”

Lanna Rehab has been operating for a collective 15 years with it’s second location DARA Rehab, and this year the two will be jointly making changes to their programs in response to client requests.

“In 2020 we’re making changes to better serve our clients. We are committed to giving out clients the best experience and the best health outcomes.”

Improving Lanna

At Lanna Rehab we are always looking for ways to improve. In the last twelve months our client feedback told us that through our clients were highly satisfied with their experience for the most part, there were some constructive ways we could improve.

That led us to make the following changes –

Five week program

Our core program is now 5-weeks; rather than 4 weeks. The addition week gives you – our client – time to recover from any jetlag and find your footing after detox. We want you to secure the most from your program and that means giving you the time to find the right headspace.

Detox & medical checkup

Being physically healthy is vital. Before you commence in treatment rehab, our clients undergo a medical checkup. The majority of our clients also need some form of detox medication. In some cases it can be mild; and others it may require a hospital stay. We are now including medical and all detox medications and in our set price. We have always strived to be the most comprehensive all inclusive rehab; and this is our way of further committing to that.

Visa extensions

Our last addition to our 2020 program is that all Visa extension costs; and travel costs affiliated with visa extensions will now be included. Once again, this demonstrates our commitment to an all-inclusive program with no hidden costs.

What remains the same?
We are only making improvements in 2020. We are still committed to including all airport transfers, meals, weekend excursions, therapy and accommodation.

A final note from Darren Lockie, CEO, “I’m humbled by the continual support we receive from our ever growing network of clients and partners. I’m proud of our compassionate team who are always continuing to better their skills to give our clients the best experience and the best health outcomes.”

Every time we see a client return for their refresher week it not only helps them, it helps the clients they meet who are currently in the program.

“The free Refresher Week is a practice we will continue on with, and we look forward to seeing more people make the most of it in 2020.”

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