Keith attended Lanna Rehab in 2019. He went from flying first class to losing his life to addiction, and “before I came to Lanna, I was about two days away from homelessness.”

His story was picked up by the media in Australia.

He paid for his rehab treatment including flights from Australia through superannuation early release funds. This meant he paid $0 out of pocket. You can apply for superannuation funded rehab here.

Roland Williams, renown addiction specialist and author of Recovery (v.) is a Verb, has visited Thailand rehabs many times over the years. He sees people pay eight times more in the United States for the same experience they get at DARA Rehab and Lanna Rehab.

See what more of our wonderful clients have to say about their experiences here at Lanna Rehab:

Anna – Australia

Anna tried rehab in Australia, before looking at overseas options. “The whole experience here is different. I personally loved the Reiki, as well as spending time by the pool. My therapist really made the difference though – I could not have done this without her!” Read Anna’s full story.

Jason – Australia

Jason came to Lanna Rehab for alcoholism and chronic anxiety – “I came to Lanna through positive recommendation. The setting and amenities are outstanding. The therapy team of staff are highly trained in their field. Each of them with their own specialties such as CBT, Holistic Therapy, Relapse Prevention and 12 Step Meetings. I felt safe, supported and valued as an individual. I feel I have been given all the necessary tools and contacts to begin my new life. Special thanks to Carol, Dylan, Amy and Eve. Also to Martin for creating such an integrated, comprehensive facility”

Tosh  – Hong Kong

Tosh came to Lanna Rehab after having suicidal thoughts and it gave him a brighter outlook. “you have support here from people who are from all walks of life. They’re from all of the world and they’re all supporting you in the recovery process. The classes that I had here have given me the tools to succeed when I leave,” says Tosh.

“The clients to staff ratio is incredible. They don’t switch and bait – what you see on the website is what you actually get.”

Read Tosh’s full story.

Katie – United States

Katie joined us for 6 weeks to recover from a longterm ketamine and marijuana dependancy “thank you to all Lanna staff. You have created a place that is peaceful and healing. The people here are from all around the world but all here for the same reason, and that makes the healing process really kind. We all talk and bond. The food is also delicious. Most of all the therapy is wonderful. I am taking away a lot.”

Sam – New Zealand

Sam came to Lanna Rehab, after using Methamphetamine and other drugs for nine years.

“Once you get here everyone here knows that they’re here for the same reason. The environment that creates helps you build your own pathway out. Nothing goes unnoticed, all the problems that you have can be solved.

You aren’t put under pressure per say. As an addict, you don’t want to be told to do something. It’s more like they help you to see the light and they put this positive swing on things so you want to make the most things here.

I find myself laughing with people who have come from all different walks of life. They’ve come from all different situations. But, we all have this one thing in common and we all have a shared goal to get better and be happier. I find myself laughing at nothing and enjoying the littlest things that I never thought I would have enjoyed. That’s something really big for me.

From the cleaning staff, to Darren who runs the place, they are all friendly and interested in how you’re going and you feel comfortable talking to all of them. It’s a real good place to be and it teaches you the skills you need to go and live life with the same attitude and the same way. I feel once I leave here I’ll still have the support.” Read more and watch Sam’s video.

Jackson – United Kingdom

“There are many options for rehab clinics in Thailand. Lanna is exceptional in that it provides top notch service in a more personal atmosphere. You never feel like a number. Whether you come to Lanna for addiction recovery or just to seek a respite from the tumult of life, Lanna is a calm in the storm.” 

Nicole – Philippines

“The client to staff ratio is the best that I have experienced, it allowed for more personalization of my treatment, without compromising the quality. I would recommend Lanna to both types of clients, first timers and those struggling to maintain sobriety. After having been in treatment before the location, amenities and program all contribute to a more holistic healing of body, mind and spirit. Refresher programs are key to strengthening and deepening my recovery and my Lanna experience has provided just that!! Thank you”

Chris – Australia

“The high level of involvement from the therapists led to a truly individual treatment during my stay. I have gained invaluable skills which are certain to help me through my recovery”

Kyle – UK

“This is the 3rd time that I have been to Rehab and it’s been the most pleasant and effective treatment that I have had. I am more than happy to be leaving but sad to leave all of the friends and therapists as I’ve been treated with respect and all the staff are amazing. The rooms and facilities are also more than enough. Thanks again”

Pat – UK

“There was nothing better the staff could have done, it was perfect. I would highly recommend Lanna to anyone”

Charles – Hong Kong

Charles had a heart attack before coming to Lanna Rehab. His cocaine addiction combined with depression was putting his life at risk. This was his third attempt at recovery. “Lanna Rehab’s small group of clients makes it a far more productive treatment experience. It took me 3 hours for the flight here from HK. That may deter some but for me it was positive. That’s a buffer between me and my triggers. I need that space to breath. Besides, there are no real options for treatment in Hong Kong. For people considering rehab, this is the place to be.”

Chris – Philippines

“When I first arrived in Lanna Rehab I was promptly seen by my therapist. I was given my own hotel style room, which was cleaned everyday, and my laundry done three times a week, which gave me the time to focus on my recovery. The staff in Lanna were fantastic, the food was phenomenal, and I was made to feel comfortable right away. I believe through my therapist one and one work, ACT, CBT, Process Group, Life Story and Relapse Prevention, I learned not only many tools to change the way I think, but also to let go of the past and look towards a sober future without alcohol or drugs”

Ben – UK

“I can not thank the team enough, I now see the world with fresh hope, the likes of which I have not experienced for many years”

Nick – Vietnam

“This was my second time in treatment in Thailand, but my first at Lanna. Lanna was by far a more personalized, professional, and comprehensive treatment centre that my other previous experience in Thailand”

Alex – US

“Couldn’t imagine a better place to come to rehab to sort my life out. Many ups and downs, but will look back on the past few months as an extremely positive experience. I have never felt so confident in my ability to remain clean as I do now. I am aware things will be difficult for sometime longer, but I know if I apply everything I have learnt from the counsellors here then I will be okay”

Luigi – Philippines

“I would definitely recommend Lanna to friends and family with Drug / Alcohol problems and even to people who need to detox in a safe and pleasant place. The staff are very competent. You will be in great hands at Lanna”

Walt – Hawaii

“Highest quality of service and care. Wonderful balanced program treating my “whole person”. The staff really personalized service to me and went far “out of their way” to accommodate my needs such a taking me to acupuncture appointments at inconvenient times. Your staff act as models in fine service in healthcare. It was so much more than I expected. Your program size (limited) allows for a comprehensive “check up from the neck up” that everyone should experience. The comradery of the small group of clients seems to have had almost miraculous turnarounds that we all witnessed with each other. I came here with the goal and idea that I needed a place to “clean up” and the rest of my recovery would be up to me – was I wrong – you have provided me with the skills and techniques that will make my recovery so much easier and more successful. Thank you and God Bless”

Emma – New Zealand

“I am so grateful to Lanna for the 4 week program I have just completed. I came here a broken woman, staring down the barrel of losing my children, my job and my health. I could no longer maintain the pretense of a ‘high functioning alcoholic’. I had detoxed a number of times but had never been to rehab before so I was anxious and apprehensive, had no idea what to expect and would be close to a 15 hour flight from home. A friend had recommended another rehab in Chiang Mai, so I did my research and Lanna stood out by a country mile. With a focus on well being and health, and really getting to the core of why we abuse our substance of choice; the days were filled with therapy, psychology education, relapse prevention, massages, PT/Gym sessions, mindfulness classes, creative writing, Reiki, Music and Art therapy. The staff are passionate, dedicated and put their heart and soul into helping clients change and succeed. My therapist challenged my thoughts, opened my mind to different processes and beliefs and I got so much out of my frequent one to one sessions with her. Lanna’s facilities are amazing and I felt like I was staying at a resort. The food is outstanding, with 3 cooked meals a day and plenty of options.  Rooms are cleaned daily and out laundry magically appears back in the room clean and folded. I came to Lanna to heal myself and free me from the grips of alcoholism. I did not expect to have fun (proper belly laughs), especially SOBER fun, enjoy myself even, and make some connections and close friendships along the way. The weekly excursions were a real treat, with a mix of relaxation and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Jungle coasting, elephant washing, bamboo rafting, Thai cooking class, a visit to the famous Doi Suthep temple and the umbrella factory were some of the highlights, and lunch was always at a very nice restaurant. I have left Lanna with completely different mindset, a much more positive attitude and a newfound zest for life with a focus on my core values. I look forward to seeing you all again in a year’s time for my free refresher course. Thank you Lanna for beginning my journey to recovery. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude”


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