Looking for a 12 Step Recovery Program?

For many people seeking treatment for addiction a 12 step recovery program is extremely helpful. At one time there was no “treatment” for addiction, there was only the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and, later, Narcotics Anonymous. While the 12 steps do not comprise treatment, it is a great support system for people who wish to remain sober by connecting them with others who are also in recovery. The 12 steps are an excellent primer in living sober and can go a long way in helping many people accept responsibility for the addiction while at the same time finding forgiveness for the trouble they may have created through their addiction. There are also 12 step style programs for family members of addicts that can be very supportive and help families understand the complexities involved in addiction. This is a proven aid in attaining and maintaining sobriety for many people and most cities in the world have AA and NA meetings to continue your treatment when you get home.

LANNA’s 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program

Our goal, at LANNA, is to custom create the treatment program that will work best for you from a vast array of proven treatments and therapies, as well as educational instruction. We use the best elements of the 12-step program and even host weekly AA meetings on-site as well as off-site for those that wish to attend them.. Some people resist going to 12 step meetings because of the focus on a spiritual component to recovery, or a “higher power”. However, a higher power can be almost anything you want it to be. It doesn’t have to mean a religious icon if that’s a problem for you. Some people consider their families, or their children, their “higher power”. To us, 12 steps is worthwhile for the role it plays in building new relationships that will be healthier for the addict trying to maintain sobriety. One of the biggest reasons people relapse coming out of treatment is that they return to the same lifestyle, the same friends who are themselves addicts, and it is only a matter of time before they are using again themselves.

Why a 12 Step Recovery Program is Important

As stated above, one of the reasons a 12 step program is most important is how it helps someone coming out of treatment segue back into a life with alcohol or drugs. LANNA is a fantastic place to get treatment and get a running start on living a sober lifestyle. The training, treatment and therapies you’ll receive here go a long way in helping you understand and deal with your addiction. The nourishment and focus on exercise and meditation will help heal the damage your addiction has done to your body. But by going to 12 step meetings here you will already begin to make connections with people that will help you when you get back home. You’ll make new friends that truly will last a lifetime, who are there to support you just as you’re there to support them. When you begin attending meetings back at home you’ll only add to your network of new friends. This is a valuable asset to have in maintaining recovery.