Holistic Addiction Treatment

Recent scientific studies have proven the benefits of holistic addiction treatment in terms of improved success rates. An holistic approach to addiction treatment simply means that the treatment program covers all aspects of the mind, body and spirit and that a balance between these three will be beneficial in helping the patient attain his, or her, own sense of wellbeing and happiness. It is not unusual for someone suffering an addiction to feel “out of balance” and to have a low self-image. A simple psychotherapeutic approach will not address this unless it is part of a larger package of treatments and therapies. For example, improving the physical condition of the patient with exercise and nutrition can help lead to improved self-image. Meditation, especially in nature, can help attain an improved spiritual condition.

A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Given that much of the holistic approaches to treatment of any kind are from the East, it is no wonder that we created LANNA, in Thailand, to be a fully holistic addiction treatment center. We offer the most advanced scientific treatments and therapies that you would typically find in treatment centers in the West, such as in The United States, right alongside some of the most time tested, ancient approaches to mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Our hand-picked staff is a combination of people who are recognized experts in their various fields that have come to LANNA from around the world to create our program in the most luxurious of settings, featuring the most impeccable service. LANNA is a true holistic addiction treatment center unlike any you’ll find in the West. It is part world-class spa, where no detail is insignificant or goes unaddressed. But, LANNA is also one of the most serious treatment centers anywhere.

LANNA is Holistic Treatment for Addiction

At LANNA, we work with our patients to find balance, to help them see their true selves and their potential for happiness. We understand that holistic treatment for addiction can be life changing in ways that other programs focused only on psychology or a medical answer aren’t. Here, in Chiang Mai, you are surrounded by nature in a safe, serene environment, an incredible tropical paradise that allows you to relax, focus on your needs and your recovery and put your life in order. You will experience a step-by-step program of treatments and therapies created around you and geared toward your individual situation and needs. You will enjoy highly nutritional world class cuisine that is not only delicious but aids in healing your body and brain. Other therapies are available that can also aid your physical rehabilitation, such as massage, acupuncture, and a physical trainer to create an exercise program just for you. But Chiang Mai is also a very spiritual place where you can truly reconnect with your soul. There simply is no other treatment center like LANNA.