Holistic Addiction Treatment


Whilst there are undoubted benefits to medically focused drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, there’s also a lot of evidence showing that the addition of holistic practices into a patient’s treatment plan can greatly improve results. Recent scientific studies have proven the benefits of holistic addiction treatment in terms of improved success rates. A more holistic approach to addiction treatment simply means that the treatment program covers all aspects of the mind, body and spirit and that a balance between these three will be beneficial in helping the patient achieve their own sense of well being and happiness. It is not unusual for someone suffering an addiction to feel “out of balance” and to have a low self-image. In many cases, drug or alcohol addiction can occur because of a traumatic life experience, such as the loss of a loved one. A patient, then, should receive treatment not just for the physical symptoms of drug addiction, but for the psychological and emotional reasons behind it too.

A simple psychotherapeutic approach will not necessarily address the causes of a drug addiction unless it is part of a larger package of treatments and therapies. For example, improving the physical condition of the patient with exercise and nutrition can help lead to improved self-image, as well as assisting with the treatment of the addiction itself. Meditation, especially in natural settings, can help attain an improved spiritual condition. Holistic treatment centers provide a patient suffering from drug addiction the opportunity to reduce stress, to ease feelings of anxiety and depression, and a chance to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. It’s essential that these treatments are carried out in a calm and relaxed environment. It should be aesthetically pleasing, and should allow patients to be transported away from their normal lives and, subsequently, the drug addiction.


Given that much of the holistic approach to treatment of drug and alcohol addictions of any kind originated from the East, it is no wonder that we created LANNA in Thailand. Our aim was to set up a fully holistic addiction treatment center. We offer the most advanced scientific treatments and therapies that can typically be found in the best treatment centers in the West, particularly in United States, but we also employ some of the most time tested, ancient approaches to mental, physical and spiritual wellness. This expert mix of Eastern and Western methodology means that we can offer a truly unique, personalized package, that we believe will help our patients to overcome their drug addiction in the long term.We encourage patients from across the world, particularly Australia and south-east Asia, to come to our center and get the help they need to kick their drug addiction. Our staff areall recognized experts in their various fields, and they’ve come to LANNA here in Thailand from all over the world to create our program in the most luxurious of settings, featuring the most impeccable service.


LANNA is a true holistic addiction treatment center unlike any you’ll find in the West. Holistic services include acupuncture, art therapy, homeopathy, massage and other bodywork treatment, gardening, and hypnosis, amongst others. The main goal with holistic treatment is to achieve a general sense of wellbeing across all areas of a person’s life.

Whilst detoxing from drug addiction is tough, giving patients the opportunity to explore new activities, whilst being pampered and protected, can really improve the outcome of their treatment programs. It is part world-class spa, with features like an exercise suite, swimming pools, masseuses, and five-star food services, where no detail is insignificant or goes unaddressed. We also take what we do extremely seriously, and realise that when people come to LANNA, they’re doing so because they want to make a significant change in their life. Drug and alcohol addiction is an epidemic that claims the lives of too many people. We want to help as many people as possible in their journey through rehab, and we believe that the holistic approach is beneficial for the clear majority of people that enter our facility.



At LANNA, we work with our patients to find balance, to help them see their true selves and their potential for happiness. We understand that holistic treatment for addiction can be life changing in ways that other programs focused only on psychology or medical treatments can’t. Whilst we don’t deny the benefits of a more Western approach, there’s no doubt that focusing on a patient’s spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing can only serve to help them in their treatment for drug addiction. Here in the stunning Chiang Mai, patients are surrounded by nature in a safe, serene environment. We’re located in incredible tropical paradise that allows patients based in anywhere from the United States, to Australia, to south-east Asia. to relax, focus on their own personal needs and recovery, and to help put their life back on track. It can be very easy to slip into the routine of a drug addiction, but we help patients escape the feeling of entrapment that so often comes with addiction. They will experience a step-by-step program of treatments and therapies created around you and geared toward your individual situation and needs. Patients will enjoy highly nutritional world class cuisine that is not only delicious but aids in healing both body and brain. It’s essential that patients keep to the specified diet, and only put things in their body that will help to heal and improve their wellbeing. We seek to offer an environment that’s not only remedial, but therapeutic as well.

Other therapies are available that can also aid in a patient’s physical rehabilitation, such as massage, acupuncture, and a physical trainer to create an personalized exercise plan. But Chiang Mai is also a very spiritual place where you can truly reconnect with your soul. We offer luxurious residential spaces, and will take care of everything during a patient’s stay, to ensure they have nothing to worry about but getting better. Villas are set back in more secluded areas, providing a consistently quiet, serene atmosphere. But as soon as patients feel ready to venture into the more activity-heavy areas of the facility, they’ll find they’re only about 50 meters away. We encourage independence at LANNA, whilst maintaining a sense of support in the most professional of ways.There simply is no other treatment center like LANNA.