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Opiate Rehab

The word opiate refers to a long list of drugs most commonly associated with pain relief. These include morphine, codeine, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, plus heroin, opium and methadone, among others. Today there is an alarming increase in the number of prescriptions for pain medications being written by doctors and an increase in the number of people becoming addicted to these drugs. The increase in heroin addiction can also be traced to these prescription drugs in that, once the prescribed medication is no longer available, people who have become addicted to them turn to heroin purchased on the street. Of course, there are also traditional heroin addicts who have come to the drug through typical social methods or by “trading up” from other drugs, such as marijuana. Once addicted to the euphoria produced by opiates, addicts become more and more resistant to the drugs, resulting in the need to take increasing amounts of the drug to garner the same benefit, until such time as taking the drug only benefits the user in staving off withdrawal.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction treatment starts with detoxification, which can be very uncomfortable, although typically not life threatening unless the opiate has been abused in combination with other drugs. Typical symptoms include muscle aches and pains, low energy, irritability, anxiety, depression, insomnia, agitations, sweats and others. Often with opiate detox medications, such as Suboxone are used to help withdrawal. Additionally, other medications may be used to help with sleep or anxiety. Once the addict has detoxed, residential treatment is the standard course, usually stepping down to an intensive outpatient program after a month or more.

LANNA’s Treatment for Opiate Addiction

At Lanna Opiate Rehab in Thailand, we realize there may be many contributing factors at the true root of your drug problem and discovering these is very important to your success in treatment for opiate addiction. For example, your addiction may actually be rooted in an earlier trauma, or it could be a straightforward opiate addiction. Detox from opiates is serious and needs to be done under the proper supervision at a subacute detox center or, sometimes, in a hospital. We can help arrange this if you’re coming to Lanna from another country. Once you have detoxed you will be able to truly focus on your recovery and therapies when you get here. We’ll uncover the reasons behind your addiction and create a program around solving those issues, as well as educating you on addiction and what it does to your body. You’ll also begin to restore your body to its former health with exercise, yoga, and other physical activities you’ll enjoy in a stunning environment that can only be found here in Chiang Mai. You will most likely be tremendously affected by the spirituality of our location and begin to look inside yourself to rediscover your connection with yourself, other people and a life of meaning. Additionally, you’ll learn how to listen to the signals your body sends you and how to properly react to them to be able to continue your recovery without relapsing. We’ll also help connect you with a support system back home so that you have friends and support and can continue your recovery effectively. Plus, our 5-day complimentary Refresher Program is also available to all Lanna Alumni, to help to reset your goals and focus on what’s important to your recovery. If you’re looking for opiate addiction treatment with a progressive, meaningful program, call us today for more information or to get started on reclaiming your life.

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The word opiate refers to a long list of drugs most commonly associated with pain relief. These include morphine, codeine, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, plus heroin, opium and methadone, among others.