Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that stimulates key pleasure areas in the brain, thereby making the user very psychologically dependent. It is an expensive drug and the more one uses it the more one needs to consume to attain the same levels of pleasure, making it increasingly expensive. Many cocaine addicts eventually switch the lower cost and also highly addictive methamphetamine. Cocaine addiction treatment is focused on the psychological aspects of the drug. While there may be physical damage to the body with prolonged use, such as malnutrition, or brain damage, it is the psychological addiction that is the principle concern of treatment. Secondarily, the physical damage can be countered with proper diet and exercise. Cocaine overdose can be fatal usually from the constriction of blood vessels leading to stroke or heart attack. That being said, most cocaine addicts are “poly-drug users”. In other words, they use more than one drug and generally combine cocaine with heroin, or marijuana, tranquilizers or alcohol. This makes the possibility of creating a fatal combination of drugs far more likely. Withdrawal from cocaine can lead to severe depression, anxiety, and extreme fatigue.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Our program, at LANNA, for the treatment for cocaine addiction is evidence based and centered around therapies proven to be effective, such a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which address the psychological addiction of the drug. We are a dual diagnosis treatment center and treat both the addiction and any related psychological issues, as well. Our clinical staff will first assess your individual case to create a custom program for you that will include many other treatments and therapies, including one-on-one sessions, group therapy, physical therapies, proper nutrition and yoga, among other things. You’ll also have some educational groups through which you’ll learn about the drug and how it has affected your brain and body. We’ll also include creative therapies and other things to help get you rediscover yourself and your passion for living.

Continuing Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Coming to LANNA, you will be in a luxurious location, with impeccable service provided 24/7, which will allow you to work on your treatment and recovery without distraction and with a minimum of discomfort. You’ll also be afforded the utmost in privacy. No one need know why you’ve come to Chiang Mai, since it is a highly desirable vacation spot. You will enjoy some of the most enticing tropical surroundings and a rich cultural heritage that many vacationers travel to annually. But, more importantly, you will be receiving treatment at a facility unsurpassed anywhere in the world and at a fraction of the price that facilities elsewhere charge. Once you leave LANNA, we will work with our treatment partners around the globe to make sure you can continue treatment, or are connected to the appropriate support groups. And our 5-day complimentary Refresher Program is available to all Lanna Alumni annually.


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Lanna Rehab provides the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the world. We provide a fully inclusive 5 weeks of individualized treatment program.