Heroin Addiction

Heroin Rehab in Thailand

There is currently a growing epidemic of heroin addiction around the globe. Some people are introduced to heroin in social circumstances and use it occasionally until they ultimately become addicted. In some places, such as the United States, opiate based pain medications have been liberally prescribed causing people to become addicted to them. Once the prescriptions can no longer be filled, some people turn to “street drugs” such as heroin as a replacement. Heroin is a dangerous drug with a strong physical addiction as well as a psychological dependence. Addicts also develop a tolerance to the drug’s effects requiring them to use more and more of the drug to attain a similar “high”. In many cases use of the drug no longer results in a high but simply becomes routine to stay “normal” and avoid the illness associated with withdrawal. Most heroin addicts are accustomed to heroin that has been “stepped on”, or cut with an additive which weakens the drug’s potency. It is not uncommon for addicts who unknowingly obtain a more pure form of the drug to overdose and die.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Because there can be an intense physical and psychological dependency, heroin addiction treatment must be holistic in nature. Detox from heroin can be extremely unpleasant with severe flu like symptoms that can last several days. In most cases detox is achieved with use of a medication prescribed by an attending physician to ease the discomfort. The medication is then tapered off over time. The two most widely use medications are Suboxone and Vivitrol, although tranquilizers or sleep aids may be used, as well or alone in cases where the addiction is less profound. Following detox, an individualized program of treatment is created here at LANNA to address the psychological addiction as well as the damage done to the body from prolonged heroin use. These consist of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), one-on-one therapy sessions, group sessions, and more. A physical trainer works with you to create an exercise regime, which can include yoga and meditation. Although our cuisine is world class, it is also geared toward aiding in the healing of the body and brain. Additionally, sessions in mindfulness training are very important in helping you understand the mind-body connection and in making you aware off the signals your body sends you and how to act on them. Because of our luxurious, tropical location you will have privacy and the ability to focus on all aspects of recovery, including renewing your interest in life, finding your soul and beginning to live again.

Continuing Treatment for Heroin Addiction

The mindfulness training mentioned above will be useful to you long after you leave LANNA. And your treatment for heroin addiction shouldn’t, and doesn’t, end there. This is a very serious addiction and on you will need continuing help on. We here at LANNA Heroin Rehab in Thailand will work with our treatment partners around the world to make sure you have options when you get back home to continue the great work you’ve started here. You should also get connected to a support group back at home. Your family should be part of that support and we offer family therapy sessions that will help educate them on addiction and how to play a role in aiding recovery. And our complimentary 5-day Refresher Program is available to LANNA Alumni on an annual basis and we encourage you to take advantage of it.