Overseas Drug Rehabs for Australians

Overseas Drug Rehabs for Australians

Getting over drug addiction is easier said than done. With that said, it’s possible if you know what to do. You should take note that living life without addiction involves digging into the origin of your addiction. Typically, you’ve ended up addicted in order to fill up a void in your existence, such as dealing with shattered dreams and aspiration as well as ending up with past trauma.

Other times, it’s wholly accidental, involving high-functioning addicts who use their addiction to juggle their work with their family. You don’t need to be a wreck in order to become an addict, but addiction can almost always lead to the destruction of your life. In order to deal with addiction, you need to learn how to you got addicted in the first place.

Dependence versus Addiction

Here are the reasons why ending up with a home away from home for the sake of rehab is the perfect solution for Australians seeking treatment.

  • Travel Can Change You: Travel can change you because leaving everything that you know in order to adapt to a different environment serves as a chance for you to transform and become a better person. Addiction treatment requires you to change, transform, and mature. To beat addiction, you need to transform into a better person who’s more responsible and wilful than you are now.
  • Get a Sense of Privacy: Leaving Australia for overseas rehab treatment is a confidential and private way to undergo rehab, especially if you don’t want your reputation to be affected by your situation. This additional layer of secrecy and privacy assures that no one knows why you’re going overseas. For all they know, you’re just there to be off on a vacation, all for the sake of giving you peace of mind when push comes to shove, especially if your family is politically or socially prominent with a high public profile.
  • A Change in Scenery and Breathing Room: You can recover, gain a belief in new possibilities, and become more enthusiastic with your life by travelling to pursue rehabilitation. The change of scenery is reinvigorating. You’re also allowed leeway or breathing room from your day-to-day life and commitments by going overseas and fully immersing yourself into the rehabilitation treatment process.
  • A Healthy Distance: In order to get rid of addiction, you need some space. You need separation from routines, triggers, and stressors from your regular environment in order to establish a new you and a new way of life. To go from Australia to Thailand and the likes constitutes a retreat of sorts that keeps you about a world away from the situations and people that push you towards addiction. It’s your chance of being free of them.
  • Avoid Stigma and Rejection: In some parts of Asia and in the Middle East, addiction is not only forbidden,it can also cause the addict to be ostracized by their respective society. The subject is indeed a taboo even in Australia, so it’s a breath of fresh air to get treatment outside of the continent, where there are no stressors or eavesdroppers around that can ruin your social standing and reputation.
  • Medical Tourism and Rehab Tourism: There are vacation packages available for surgical tourism, dental tourism, and even rehab tourism. The idea behind medical tourism is simple. Instead of separating your vacation expenses from your medical expenses, why not do both? This allows you to hit two birds with one stone, in essence. Just take that “vacation” whilst unbeknownst to your acquaintances, friends, or even family members, you’re actually under rehab.

What to Look for in Terms of Overseas Rehabilitation Centers

Here are the things you should look for when it comes to overseas drug rehab.

Marijuana use disorder happens when you feel withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Tranquillity and Peace: When it comes to choosing rehab centers for your drug addiction, you can afford to be picky. Or rather, you can go about it the same way you’d search for a vacation retreat. This is because it’s kind of a vacation retreat in its own right. Just find a balance between quality, affordability, and location.
  • You can go with a retreat house that’s surrounded by exotic jungles and lush mountains, for example. You can also go the beach house route if you want. Any place that makes you feel grounded in reality and peace will suffice. The idea here is to avoid the number one trigger for relapse in many an addict, which is stress.
  • 2Certification and Savings: When getting rehab from a place like Thailand or a rehab facility like Lanna Rehab, you should search for centers that are licensed by the Ministry of Health of Thailand. This will ensure you that your treatment is high-quality, safe, and not from a fly-by-night type of company
  • What’s more, half of the point of going overseas to get treated for your addiction is to save money on the rehab compared to local Australian rehab centers. Search for a rehab program that allows you to pay a fraction or half of what you’d pay in Australia that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Removal of Temptations: Your rehab centre of choice should also actively remove all temptations in your midst. It’s supposed to be your retreat, wherein you’re away from the triggers that led you to become an addict in the first place. It’s all through the assistance of fellow addicts trying to get treatment themselves, ex-addicts sharing how they had kicked their bad habits, and caretakers that are ready to help you out.
  • By availing of a local rehab centre that’s probably more expensive than overseas help, your triggers remain close by. Before you can go back to your daily life, it’s recommended that you stay at an overseas centre and concentrate on getting well. This will assist you in overcoming your addiction by getting used to a drug-free life one step at a time.
  • A Professional Environment: It’s highly recommended for you to find a rehab program and centre spearheaded by professionals that are western-accredited. You want these pros to take care of you round-the-clock. They’re the ones, ensuring that you’ll get international-grade addiction treatment that’s recognized as dependable worldwide.
  • In regards to the environment, pick a place that’s relaxing and secluded. For example, if you’re going to get Thailand rehabilitation assistance, go to a centre in the middle of scenic mountains or a quiet beach. You can even avail of affordable luxury resorts with swimming pools and restaurants galore as well as a subtropical climate. Any place that will clear your head and give you breathing space will suffice.
  • Great Food and a Better Way of Life: Having great food can assist you in your drug addiction healing. Going to different rehab centers overseas in order to partake in their mouth-watering cuisine should allow you to focus on something other than drugs. Or indulge in something else to keep you happy and healthy. Of course, remember that like with drugs and alcohol, food should also be taken moderately.
  • Your rehab of choice should have a good culture that encourages change, such as the spiritual Christian retreats or rehabs surrounded by the quiet Buddhist culture. Your drug addiction rehabilitation program of choice should be steeped in a culture of wellness and mindfulness. This will allow you to make positive lifestyle changes and adopt new habits that will benefit you.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Fulfillment Through Fun: Your drug addiction rehab centre should also be culturally sensitive with their programming. They should make you feel at home, supported, and understood at all times. They shouldn’t make you feel isolated, out of place, or alone. Even if they have a different culture, they shouldn’t give you culture shock.
  • The staff and crew should be familiar with Australian sensibilities and the like. Additionally, you should feel fulfillment and fun while undergoing the program as well. They should give you excursions that will teach your mind some meaningful activities outside of using drugs. This will give you a natural high of sorts when push comes to shove.
  • Compassion and Convenience: The proctors and caretakers of your overseas treatment facility of choice should exude hospitality and warmth. The local people outside the centre should be able to do the same. You should feel welcome when you’re there. In regards to convenience, you shouldn’t need to struggle to get to your rehab destination even if you’re worlds away from home.
  • Rather, it should be a painless trip that’s akin to a vacation package. You’ll get picked up by a plane from an airport that’s only an hour away from where you are. The centre should also give you an aftercare program so that your treatment doesn’t end in the facility. You should be provided with aftercare support as well as referrals to their outpatient centers from all over the world if required.
  • More about Aftercare Programs: You’re typically in a sensitive position right after the rehab program is done with. Although you’ve been detoxified of drugs and you’ve kicked the habit, you’re still in a vulnerable position. You need an aftercare program that will help you reintegrate into Australian society without you making a beeline back to your drug dealer for some smack or ice.
  • You should search for aftercare programs with free online group video meetings that keep tabs on how you’re doing. Your rehab should be there for you even after the end of rehab. They should continue to support you while monitoring how well you’ve progressed since you’ve ended treatment. Even after you’ve gone home, they should be there for you to keep track of your reintegration to Australian society.

FAQs Regarding Overseas Drug Rehabilitation

Here are the frequently asked questions about drug rehab overseas for Australians.

  • How Bad is the Drug Problem in Australia?:
  • No country or continent is free from the destructive effects of drug addiction and substance abuse, and this includes Australia. Whether it’s legal prescription drugs, or illicit recreational drugs, addiction can still affect any user that abuses them. This also affects their family and community as well. The consequences of drug addiction are far-reaching and dramatic. Even though the dangers and health risks of drug use are known far and wide in the continent, statistics don’t bode well for many an Australian.
  • About half of all Australians over 14 years of age have experimented with different types of drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine and cannabis at least once in their life. Therefore, it only makes sense that ice addiction is a growing epidemic in Australia. Back in the end of 1990, heroin use rose fourfold and about 150,000 Australians were shooting up on the regular with the drug. Later on, a quarter of a million Aussies ended up using meth instead in the 21st Century.
  • Why Do Australians Go Overseas for Drug Rehab?:
  • Many of the overseas drug rehabilitation centers in Asia, particularly the Southeast Asian country of Thailand, are regular rehab hotspots for Australians. The reason for this involves Australia’s own failure when it comes to rehabilitating drug addicts and how easy it is to score drugs in the Land Down Under. Furthermore, rehabilitation centers like Lanna Rehab offer free assessments and no-obligation quotations for customers who get into contact with them.
  • There are even some luxury rehab centers that are able to treat over hundreds of clients, with the largest of them from Australia. As far as addiction treatment is concerned, the options for Australians are limited. It’s either government-funded treatment with lengthy wait lists or insurance-financed addiction treatment in a hospital and psychiatrist clinic setting. To be quite frank, Australians go outside of Australia to heal from their addiction because Australian rehab isn’t sufficient.
  • Surely These Issues Are Limited Only to a Few Australian Cities, Right?:
  • All the major Australian cities suffer from these problems regarding limited choices in drug rehab. This includes cities like Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and even Sydney itself. This also covers rural centers and regional areas. These treatments are mostly based on outpatient substance abuse programs, including private treatment centers. The client is essentially denied the chance of escaping the triggers of addiction in their home environment.
  • What’s more, psychiatric treatment by insurance tends to get mixed with clients suffering from mental problems that are irrelevant to addiction like schizophrenia. It’s as if these clinics confuse or bundle in addiction with other mental disorders, it’d seem. Meanwhile, the government-funded treatments typically involve a client group of court-ordered and unmotivated addicts who were forced into rehab.
  • Why Should You Travel Overseas for Addiction Treatment?:
  • Going to places like Thailand to seek drug addiction rehabilitation is worthwhile even though there are local treatment options available to you. It’s because there’s such a thing as medical tourism. This involves travelling to nearby countries in order to get treatment that’s cheaper but equally high-quality as domestic treatments even when taking into account travel expenses.
  • Furthermore, the tourism part of the equation allows you to take a vacation on top of getting treatment in the country you’re going to. There are also times when addicts need to remove themselves from the environment where their addiction came about and seek treatment elsewhere in an unfamiliar land. This will ensure that your chance for success increases dramatically. Besides, special rehab tourism packages are available that ensure the whole experience feel like a vacation as well as rehab treatment.
  • • Why Can Overseas Drug Rehab Offers the Best Chance for Recovery?:
  • Because addiction has both psychological and physiological elements to it, a rehabilitation centre is needed to tackle both. Professional healthcare specialists are assigned to give medical therapy in case the patient requires detoxification and medicine to combat relapse, for example. Recovery is also achieved through psychiatric therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy.
  • Furthermore, when compared to outpatient therapy or therapy involving meetings rather than 24-hour care, inpatient drug rehabilitation is more intense. This type of rehab involves both specialist assistance and an environment that’s helpful to addiction recovery. It’s also a more effective, powerful solution thanks to its ability to take the addict away from stressors and elements in his everyday Australian life that can trigger or push him further into his addiction.

In a Nutshell

Australians have their choices for drug rehabilitation on their own nation continent. However, they’re rather limited. Also, there are times when it’s more viable or even cheaper to avail of overseas drug rehabilitation help. At any rate, there are many reasons why travelling for treatment is a great idea if you want to get sober and stay on the path of sobriety.

You should also be aware of which places are the best ones to go overseas in order to make this leap towards healthiness and an addiction-free life. Overseas treatment in places like Thailand or elsewhere within Southeast Asia or Europe makes sense because it’s cheaper and serves as a retreat from drugs that are easier to score in Australia.

Many addicts who’ve gone through overseas rehab, particularly note of its effectiveness exactly because they can’t get drugs as easily in such places. Just remember that the best drug treatment centers and rehabilitation programs out there feature counselling,

Martin Peters

Martin Peters has a BA (Hons) Dip HE Dip RN CSAT III and is the Group Program Director Lanna Healthcare. He is a Registered Nurse and Certified Substance Abuse Therapist working in the mental health field since 1994; Martin has had a wide range of experience in management and supervisory roles within established healthcare systems, and has provided consultancy services to a number of private and public sector organizations in the UK and Asia in terms of management, policy writing, accreditation and recruitment. Martin’s addictions experience has been in developing inpatient services in Thailand since 2009, both clinical and operational. He has been instrumental in expanding and developing a non 12 step inpatient treatment centre and opening a further inpatient centre with a 12 step approach, implementing KIPU Electronic Records, strengthening hospital partnerships, introducing a Scholarship for students under the Masters in Addiction Studies Program at The ASEAN Institute for Health Development and working with an international accreditation body. Martin has also been a speaker at several international conferences on addiction, including ASEAN conferences and has also guest lectured at Mahidol University (Thailand), University of Sarghoda (Pakistan) Institute of Medical Sciences (Pakistan) and has been a representative on the CARF Standards Advisory Committee for 2016.In 2015. Martin became a Co-Founder of Lanna Healthcare, launching Lanna Rehab in March 2016 and opening Jintra in January 2018. In June of 2018, Martin was involved in the merger of Lanna and DARA, becoming Thailand's biggest private licensed operator. Martin is currently a Joint and Asia Health Co Ltd Owner Operator of Lanna Healthcare Co Ltd, which under its umbrella manages Lanna Rehab in Chiang Mai, Jintra Rehab in Chiang Mai and DARA Rehab in Koh Chang - all Thailand MoPH Licensed Addiction Facilities providing world-class treatment in Thailand.

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