The Accommodation, Privacy, and Luxury of Lanna Rehab in Thailand

The Accommodation, Privacy, and Luxury of Lanna Rehab in Thailand

In light of the fact that Lanna Rehab in Thailand is one of Asia’s finest drug and alcohol rehabilitation and wellness centers, it has indeed proven itself through the years of its recent existence as a rising star in the field of effective inpatient addiction treatment. This wellness sanctuary boasts of facilities that are not only state-of-the-art but also well-maintained. It’s filled with immaculate buildings and clean grounds, forming a peaceful sanctuary that serves as an ideal setting for you to heal and recover from substance abuse through its holistic, comprehensive type of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. It also includes behavioral addiction treatment for food, Internet, gambling, and sex to boot.


Thailand is the place to be when it comes to accommodating addicted patients overseas because of its well-developed rehab industry through its successful medical tourism program. Its medical tourism is in fact some of the best in Asia or even the whole world. The Land of Smiles provides patients with over 1,000 hospitals, with about 470 of them private centers. What’s more, Thailand is home to the largest and most dependable Asian private hospital in the world to boot. The nation also offers the first Asian hospital to receive JCI accreditation and ISO 90001 certification.

Thailand’s leading hospitals include the following:

  1. Samitivej Hospital
  2. Bangkok Hospital Group
  3. Bumrungrad International Hospital

This explains why Thailand is such a hotbed when it comes to affordable drug addiction rehab accommodations. It has turned a medical tourism cottage or niche industry into a huge one that contributes a large portion of the country’s tourism earnings. Furthermore, in light of the 37 JCI-accredited private hospitals, you’re assured that the Lanna Wellness Center will never gyp you when it comes to quality amenities for its patients. You’ll feel like you’re staying at a luxury hotel except it’s somehow cheaper and comes with the services needed to address your alcoholism or drug abuse. It’s a luxury hotel rehab hospital, in short.

You can expect the following when booking a trip and making a reservation at the Lanna Rehab Center in Chiang Mai:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: You won’t get low-quality treatment to match the low price. Instead, there’re more ROI from your investment into Lanna because it expedites the rehabilitation process in a comfortable inpatient setting. You’re getting more for your money in every which way.
  • More Affordable and Effective Than Local Rehab: While some might argue that the prices aren’t that low in light of inpatient rehab being akin to an extended hospital stay, it’s nevertheless much cheaper than what you can get at your locality but with a touristy twist.
  • Good Bargains on World-Class Treatments: The treatments and procedures you can get from Chiang Mai’s Lanna Rehab Center are world-class despite its affordability. You’re not downgrading services to afford them but finding a good bargain at tropical paradise.
  • The Added Package of a Vacation: Even if you don’t consider the costs as affordable, pairing it up with the chance of a vacation at one of the most popular vacation spots in the world is akin to getting your appendix removed in the Caribbean or having dental work in Paris.
  • The Beauty of Thailand Vacations in Particular: Thailand outside the context of medical tourism is a popular tourist destination. With medical tourism in general and rehab tourism in particular, the vacation potential of Thailand actually helps relax and unwind the patient in order to make him more receptive to addiction therapy.
  • It’s Not Just a Gimmick in Terms of Medical Services: The vacation aspect of Thailand’s medical tourism wasn’t added to fill in the gaps of lackluster medical services. Rather, the country is filled with reputable private medical centers and resort-like rehab wellness facilities.
  • A Healthcare System Par Excellence: Is your healthcare system in the fritz in your own country, such that its “Affordable” Care Act isn’t as affordable as advertised? Or maybe it’s privatized and you can’t afford premiums and policies. Then go to Thailand and enjoy their healthcare system that also offers coverage for foreigners seeking addiction treatment assistance.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: The beauty of inpatient treatment with all-inclusive accommodations versus outpatient services like your local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is that it’s more intense and you have staff and crew taking care of your rehab every step of the way, from detox to counseling and group therapy.
  • All-Inclusive Luxury Accommodation Excellence: You have room service, laundry, and groceries taken care of for you while at the same time you’re restricted from access to drugs and alcohol so that you can recover and fill in that hole with other recreational activities like painting or yoga.
  • The Truth behind Holistic Healing: The staff and crew at Lanna believe in holistic healing, such that every aspect of your health should be dealt with in order to ensure your drug addiction recovery. A patient can be pampered back to health and sobriety. It also means you have access to more esoteric services like yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and mindful meditation along with cognitive behavioral therapy and transactional analysis in drug and alcohol treatment.


On top of Thailand being the leading rehab and medical tourism destination in Asia, its rehab centers like Lanna in Chiang Mai is filled with everything related to medical tourism from cost-effective surgery to affordable dentistry as well as (of course) effective rehabilitation. With that in mind, one of the major appeals of going to Thailand instead of your local court-mandated rehab facility or AA/NA is the added comfort of seclusion and privacy. It’s embarrassing enough to go through an intervention that “exposes” the fact that you have a problem with excessive drinking, drug-taking, or partying.

It’s therefore a soothing balm to “go on vacation on an all-expenses-paid trip” to Thailand for a month or two in order to address the demons in your life, your addictions, with full medical and rehab packages for your convenience. It helps cover up the embarrassing revelation that you’re in rehab in comparison to the public rehab entries of celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears. Furthermore, it’s a half-truth in light of the fact that rehab tourism is half a vacation and half a hospital stay in a secluded foreign land in order to address your condition. You’re also taken away from the environment and enablers that help foster your addiction in the first place.

In any case, here are the things you should consider or expect when it comes to the privacy of a Lanna Rehab Center stay.

  • Fix Your Passport or Visa: You may need a visa to go on a wellness vacation in Thailand. You don’t need it for trips under 30 days if you’re a citizen from 48 countries such as Canada, the U.S., and many European countries, but usually the bare minimum of treatment in rehab centers like Lanna is 30 days. Countries with bilateral agreements don’t need to enter Thailand with a visa, as in the case of Cambodia for 14 days or Chile, South Korea, Peru, Argentina, or Brazil for 90 days. It depends on where you’re from. Don’t overstay your visa when using one or you can end up deported, jailed, and/or pay all the way to ฿20,000 or $600, especially if you overstay for over 200 days without a visa extension.
  • Sufficient Funds and Visa Extensions: Patients availing of a rehab package from visa-exempt countries should carry cash to show that they have sufficient funds for their trip, like about ฿10,000 or $300 per person. It’s about ฿20,000 or $600 for the whole family, but usually rehab tourism in Thailand is best done alone unless you require an extra caretaker from home, like a friend or family member. Since rehab takes 3 months or more, you should apply for a 60-day tourist visa at your country’s Royal Thai Embassy or a 60-day extension at the Thai Immigration Bureau. You can apply for extensions that cost ฿1,900 or $55 even if you carry a 60-day visa at that.
  • Absolute Seclusion: Sometimes, an addict to drugs, an alcoholic, or an executive suffering from burnout needs to go to a place far away from the things that led him towards the path of mental and physical unhealthiness. Thailand is one such place for many an English-speaking westerner or even many fellow Asians in other countries. Not only are rehab centers like Lanna affordable to most rehab seekers in the world. It also gets them away from peer pressure, real-life stress, and access to drugs and alcohol while under inpatient treatment with fellow addicts in a mix between AA/NA and hospice rehab care.
  • Limit Rumor Mongering: Many addicts who should enter rehab don’t because of the sheer embarrassment and shame brought upon from admitting that they’ve become addicted, even though it’s a disease to be treated. If you’re one of those addicts who wish to protect your privacy from the grapevine, you can go to a rehab tourism trip to Lanna and claim that you were on an extended vacation in Thailand instead. It keeps the fact that you’re under addiction treatment away from any nosy neighbors and coworker in a better fashion that attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings across the next city or state.


Thailand is a must-visit place when it comes to addiction treatment because it combines the best of both worlds in terms of eastern and western methods of addiction healing. Thailand during the turn of the century was already a must-see touristy place because of its tropical beaches, opulent royal places, ancient ruins, and ornate temples filled with Buddhist iconography. The capital of the country, Bangkok, is a city that’s ultramodern and rises to communities beside canals and the famous temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Phra Kaew or Emerald Buddha Temple.

However, Lanna Rehab is located in Chiang Mai, which is Bangkok’s rival in terms of luxury vacationing excellence. It is home to the Ancient Lanna Kingdom, which Lanna Rehab is named after. It’s also easier to navigate thanks to its trucks known as songthaews. In terms of food, it’s a vegan paradise with many vegan and vegetarian dishes to choose from. Everything is also a handful of baht cheaper in Chiang Mai compared to the Bangkok metropolis.

From the get go, you should remember the following first before going to luxurious Thailand:

  • Politely decline any locals inviting you to ping-pong shows.
  • Day passes and single tickers are available at every booth at the train station.
  • When bringing in gadgets, remember that electrical sockets are of the 50 hertz or 220 volts variety.
  • The currency accepted in Thailand is the Thai Baht (฿). Get your local money exchanged at the nearest bank or shopping mall.
  • Although the staff and crew of Lanna are English speakers, it helps to know a bit of the Thai language.
  • There’s an abundance of fruit and street food stands. However, you should be careful of overcharging vendors and hygiene standards.
  • When you’re at a temple, dress your Sunday’s best. These are the Buddhist equivalents of churches and you should respect them as such.
  • Once you’re allowed to go out and about after rehab treatment, remember that the easiest mode of transportation towards Chiang Mai’s major tourist areas is the MRT/BTS train.

Furthermore, when indulging in the luxuriousness of Lanna Rehab or Thailand in particular, you should take note of the following:

  • Like Having a Luxurious Resort Vacation: Lanna Rehab in Chiang Mai is renowned for its luxuriousness. It gets high ratings according to Google Reviews of the place. It comes complete with swimming pools, high-class food, friendly staff, regular recreational activities to supplement your counseling, fantastic scenery, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There really is no place like Lanna, what with its combination of individualized (dual diagnosis) treatment programs customized for every patient needs in a luxury resort setting that in and of itself can satisfy any vacationer sans the included addiction treatment.
  • Buddhist Heritage: The Buddhist heritage of Thailand partly explains why in terms of addiction rehab, the country favors luxury over imprisoning the patient like he’s in an asylum or mental ward. You’re not a prisoner being punished for wrongdoing. You’re a patient in need of treatment so that you can go back to normal. This heritage assists addicts the same way the U.S.’s Christian heritage led to the development of AA and its 12-steps program. The Buddhist philosophy of Thailand and Lanna Rehab allows them to incorporate CAM therapy, mindful meditation, and spirituality into its holistic rehab services, which also leads to hospitable and nonjudgmental treatment from the staff to the patients.
  • Convenient “East Meets West” Holistic Treatment: The holistic way Lanna approaches addiction recovery also allows you to avail of more esoteric treatment options to supplement the western proof-based ones so that you can pick and choose which methodology works best for your unique needs. This approach balances both wellness and rehabilitation, with a proven track record for success when it comes to sobriety and even aftercare considerations. Lanna Rehab is also staffed with some of the continent’s most renowned mental health professionals and addiction experts. They’re available all-day, everyday to assist in making your Thailand rehab stay as fruitful and comfortable as possible when push comes to shove.
  • Beach Resorts Galore for Extra Luxury: The Land of Smiles is also filled with nearby beach resorts that include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin. Thailand offers not only the best doctors and hospitals in the world, but also the best rehab centers, counselors, caregivers, and addiction specialists on earth in a paradise-like setting that allows you to shop and tour across it once your treatment is done. Of course, certain limitations are imposed to you to keep you from falling off the wagon, like forbidding you to indulge in the Thailand nightlife due to the presence of alcohol there. Aside from that, once you’re in aftercare mode and you’re only waiting for the airplane home, you can indulge yourself in Thai hospitality in the healthiest ways possible.


Using Lanna’s proven holistic approach towards healing and addiction recovery, the rehab center skillfully balances rehabilitation and wellness services in a truly relaxing, private, and secluded luxury sanctuary. To add to their addiction treatment options for your mental and physical wellbeing, you’re also treated to superior residential care for the treatment of anxiety, depression, executive burnout, and PTSD. You can also avail of an integrated treatment plan for co-occurring disorders that usually accompany your addiction issues to boot. This is what makes the rehabilitation service one of the most well-respected and reputable ones in Thailand or even the whole entire world.

What does Thailand have to do with rehabilitation? What makes Lanna Rehab Thailand so special among many its fellow rehab centers? Simply put, Lanna Rehab at Chiang Mai, Thailand offers great luxury accommodations that enable you to relax as though you’re in vacation. A wellness vacation, if you will. Lanna Rehab offers an all-inclusive deal with your treatment that includes handling your food and board because what you eat can also affect the effectiveness of your recovery from addiction. Its holistic services include diet therapy so that you can supplement nutritious food for your substance addiction or limit your food addiction by getting the right portions of food.

Lanna Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Thailand’s Lanna Medical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center serves as your best bet when it comes to getting a wellness vacation that helps you recover from addiction and move towards sobriety. Lanna serves as an all-inclusive, all-encompassing type of rehab that covers food and board as well as treatment while you stay there in Thailand. It’s like a five-star resort combined with a hospital in order to deal with all your addiction needs, from detoxification to counseling for the mental trauma of substance abuse.

It essentially makes your recovery more relaxing and smoother. What are you waiting for? Call Lanna Rehab now and get checked in ASAP. Their lines are available 24/7.

Martin Peters

Martin Peters has a BA (Hons) Dip HE Dip RN CSAT III and is the Group Program Director Lanna Healthcare. He is a Registered Nurse and Certified Substance Abuse Therapist working in the mental health field since 1994; Martin has had a wide range of experience in management and supervisory roles within established healthcare systems, and has provided consultancy services to a number of private and public sector organizations in the UK and Asia in terms of management, policy writing, accreditation and recruitment. Martin’s addictions experience has been in developing inpatient services in Thailand since 2009, both clinical and operational. He has been instrumental in expanding and developing a non 12 step inpatient treatment centre and opening a further inpatient centre with a 12 step approach, implementing KIPU Electronic Records, strengthening hospital partnerships, introducing a Scholarship for students under the Masters in Addiction Studies Program at The ASEAN Institute for Health Development and working with an international accreditation body. Martin has also been a speaker at several international conferences on addiction, including ASEAN conferences and has also guest lectured at Mahidol University (Thailand), University of Sarghoda (Pakistan) Institute of Medical Sciences (Pakistan) and has been a representative on the CARF Standards Advisory Committee for 2016.In 2015. Martin became a Co-Founder of Lanna Healthcare, launching Lanna Rehab in March 2016 and opening Jintra in January 2018. In June of 2018, Martin was involved in the merger of Lanna and DARA, becoming Thailand's biggest private licensed operator. Martin is currently a Joint and Asia Health Co Ltd Owner Operator of Lanna Healthcare Co Ltd, which under its umbrella manages Lanna Rehab in Chiang Mai, Jintra Rehab in Chiang Mai and DARA Rehab in Koh Chang - all Thailand MoPH Licensed Addiction Facilities providing world-class treatment in Thailand.

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