meth addiction

Meth Addiction Symptoms and Recovery

Meth (also known as methamphetamine, ice, chalk, glass, shards, crank, and crystal) is a powerful stimulant that's highly addictive. Most people who don't live in areas where meth is available are familiar with the drug through the hit series "Breaking Bad", where a teacher ends...
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Not All Treatment is Equal

Obviously, for people looking for treatment for substance abuse and considering multiple treatment facilities, price is often a factor. But there’s also the “cost” of treatment versus the “price” of treatment. In the addiction treatment business there are a wide variety of treatment facilities. Some…

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The Lanna Rehab difference

On the face of it, drug rehab in Thailand just looks like a great deal on so many levels. The climate is fantastic. The people are welcoming and wonderfully friendly and accommodating. Thailand is also a very spiritual place and that actually helps people who…

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Meth Treatment in a Tropical Location

Sadly, meth addiction continues to be a global problem that just isn’t going away any time soon. This is such a destructive drug it deteriorates the body and mind at a rapid rate. People using, or abusing meth, regularly age at an alarming rate. And...
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Top 10 Excuses for Not Going to Addiction Treatment

Possibly the most critical issue in dealing with addiction is getting the addicted person to go to treatment. This is the most insidious disease imaginable. No other disease makes the victim think he, or she, doesn’t need treatment. And that’s what makes excuses so prevalent…

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This Year Make a Real Resolution About Alcohol

Obviously, there are many people who drink moderately and don’t need to go to an alcohol rehab center. Then there are people who will wake up January first with a raging hangover, and some blank spots about what happened the night before. And, for them,…

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When & Where to Detox When Coming to Lanna Rehab

Not everyone seeking treatment for addiction needs detox, but many do. Detoxification is a hugely important part of addiction treatment and, if you need it, it needs to be taken very seriously. This step, if done incorrectly or badly, can create a lot more than…

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