Is Relapse Part of Addiction Treatment?

Over the decades drug addiction treatment has changed in many ways. Once, it was mainly about detoxing and learning how to white knuckle your way through life. Then, we realized there may be other contributing factors, so psychology began to play a role. Then we…

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The Uncommon Drug Treatment Center

We created Lanna to be something special as far as drug rehab centers go. First, we put it somewhere very special – Chiang Mai in Thailand. Treatment for drug addiction is very different from other types of medical or mental health treatment. So location, in…

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Global Drug Treatment Programs

If you’ve noticed, finding treatment off shore is now a common practice and for many reasons. Many people now travel to get hip replacements, or knee replacements, or for cosmetic surgery or any number of other medical procedures or treatments. Why limit your options? Especially…

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Why a Holistic Addiction Treatment Program?

When we decided to create Lanna as a holistic rehab facility, it was an easy decision. It was based on our collective decades of experience creating addiction treatment programs in many other treatment centers, some of the best facilities in the world, and seeing the…

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Why Drug Rehab in Thailand Works

To many people seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment, it may never occur to them to come to Thailand. They usually have many options right where they are, or somewhere in their own country. But there are many advantages to drug rehab in Thailand. First,…

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Lanna Rehab is extremely honored to have Dr. Tapanya

Doctor Tapanya received his PhD in psychology from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He had worked as clinical psychologist at the Somdet Chaopraya Psychiatric Institute in Bangkok between 1972 and 1984, and had been assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine,…

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