Ali the intern learning to help others

Learning to help others

Ali Murtaza Lakhani has completed his second year with CPPD Counselling School Pakistan, studying a Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling. In May, Ali joined the team at Lanna Rehab for a three-month internship.  “When I told my friends I was going to do an internship…

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How to Spot the First Signs of Addiction

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But in the case of addiction, the earlier an addict gets intervention, the better the outcome. Thus, we need to be aware of the earliest signs of addiction or substance use disorder. How do you...
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Man's hand reaching to glass of tequila or alcohol drink and car key on rustic wooden table

How Substance Abuse Affects Families

It's common to consider the health and well-being of the user, but substance abuse affects families too. Having a drug addict in the family is devastating in more ways than one. Recent research on addiction treatment revealed that addiction affects not only the addict but...
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Lanna Rehab is a safe place. You don't need to be an addict to go to rehab

Anxiety and depression: Is addiction just a symptom?

Do you need to be an addict to go to rehab? Strictly speaking, you don’t need to be exhibiting addictive behaviors to benefit from rehab. At Lanna Rehab our treatment is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). “You don’t have to be using drugs or…

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meditating for addiction by the pool at Lanna Rehab

Can meditating help addiction?

Meditation and mindfulness in rehab A growing body of studies supports that meditating can help with the recovery of addiction. It can, in fact, change our brains. One of the most groundbreaking studies, by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar in 2005, examined how regular mindfulness…

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Art therapy for drug addiction recovery

How does art therapy treat drug addictions?   Art therapy has value as part of a holistic approach to drug addiction recovery. At Lanna Rehab, we care for every patient – and their rehabilitation with an individualised treatment plan. With that in mind, art therapy…

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Gender Differences and Substance Abuse

As with many other things, there are actually gender differences when it comes to substance abuse, particularly with regards to alcohol. For instance, it’s typically observed that men can tolerate more glasses of alcohol in one sitting on average before getting drunk compared to women....
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Symptoms, Signs, and Treatment of Ephedrine Addiction

Ephedrine is a stimulant for the central nervous system. It's used for treating breathing problems as it serves as a bronchodilator for conditions like asthma and bronchitis. It also doubles as a decongestant for nasal congestion, as well as a blood pressure booster for those...
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The Dangers of Mixing Zoloft with Alcohol

It's considered common knowledge among drinkers as well as patients with mental disorders that it’s dangerous to mix Zoloft with alcohol. However, do you know why this is so? Zoloft is a prescription antidepressant used by people with mental health issues such as depression. It...
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Tips on How to Stay Clean After Rehab

Rehabilitation clinics or centers tend to offer a solid and secure foundation for the addict to heal himself from his drug addiction or alcoholism. They also help develop the skills that are needed to recover and cope better with his addiction tendencies well after he...
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